Thursday, July 28, 2011

Blogging Baby Steps

Hi All,

So this is my first blog post after having this domain for - oh about 3 months now - no biggie.  I take my time.  Honestly the thought of blogging is a little overwhelming to me.  I'm not sure why, but I thought maybe this post would be a little something to help me get warmed up.  So here goes.

I've been totally OBSESSED lately with pinterest and while galavanting around the web-site found this awesome site called Polyvore.  I know, I know...I'm a little slow to catch on to these ideas.  Most of you may know that Polyvore has been around for awhile, but it was new to me (this from the girl who still doesn't text, seriously I think your grandma could figure out texting better than me, anyway, I digress).  Back to the topic at hand.  I went onto Polyvore last night and created some great outfits that I would absolutely LOVE TO WEAR.  Not that I could ever afford them but a girl can dream.  So here they are!  I hope you enjoy.  Let me know what you think.

And yes, that is a fascinator (A fascinator is a headpiece, a style of millinery. The word originally referred to a fine, lacy head covering akin to a shawl and made from wool or lace. thanks to wikipedia) in the navy, gold, and light blue ensemble. I've always dreamed of wearing vintage style hats, and by-golly I'm of these days.  Just gotta find a great outfit like this to wear it with.

So we come to the interactive part of the posting.  What item of clothing would you LOVE to wear but have resisted b/c you feel like you couldn't "pull it off"?  A lot of the time I think we limit our creativity and style b/c we are afraid.   Be Fearless!:)

tangerine, teal, and navy

vintage inspired navy and light blue