Thursday, August 11, 2011

WOO to the HOO! Thrift store finds

I just got back from my favorite thrift store this evening and boy did I get myself into trouble.  In a good way of course.  I cannot go to this particular thrift store without leaving with something, and I'm so glad that I went tonight!  Let me paint a picture for you in the most dramatic way possible.  Here goes.

I walk into the thrift store, hope filled, and itching for a good deal.  My eyes scan racks of clothing, cases of jewelry, and oh so importantly the sale dry erase board.  The dry erase board reads "25% off all furniture."  My heart starts racing!  What can I find for 25% off of an already cheapy cheap thrift store price?(I think to myself).  And then, that is when it happens.  A beautiful bamboo style table and chair set catches my eye.  Nevermind the ugly brown color; shape and form is what I'm after! Nothing that a can (or a couple) of spray paint can't fix.  I run over to look for the bright red tag, it reads $39.96 and I do a 25% calculation in my head and exclaim  "It's only $30".  I run to the sales clerk to ask them to place a Hold tag on it until I finish my shopping trip (you never can be too careful).  I paid for it, and did a little happy dance!  REJOICING that this wonderful piece of furniture is mine!

okay, okay, I'm done.  I warned you that it would be dramatic.

Sadly the table and chairs did not get to come home with me tonight b/c I didn't have the truck with me.  I will go pick it up tomorrow but once I got home I went onto my favorite web-site Pinterest to see if I could get any inspiration on a color that I should paint the set.  And found the exact same set (minus the ugly brown color).

drum roll please:

from Pinterest via

I will be using it in the backyard as a patio table and chair set.  I'm teetering between painting it oil rubbed bronze and bringing in some punchy outdoor pillows; a bright color (teal, yellow, green) to make it fun and energetic; or something super romantic and sophisticated like silver or gold.  We'll see where we end up.  It's way too hot in FL this time of year to sit out back and enjoy them anyway.  I'll post the makeover once its finished!

So have you all found any good thrift store finds lately?  What color do you think I should spray paint the table and chairs?  

I'll leave you with some beautiful inspiring rooms with bamboo chairs a la Pinterest:



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