Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Master Bedroom: Initial (but definitely not final) Reveal

I finally have some master bedroom photos to reveal.  We started working on the master bedroom back in February, we painted the walls and put down new flooring.  Then I got dressers (the Malm from Ikea) on craigs list, and a couple months later replaced them with my new campaign dresser, repainted this headboard white, and added small accents (lamps, trays, mirrors, etc.)

You may remember this post which inspired my master bedroom plan.  Since then I've created multiple mood boards, here and here, that have helped me visualize what my overall concept is for the room.  Well here are my first real photos of the bedroom.

I still need to:
-make new curtains, hopefully from a teal and navy fabric:)
-paint the campaign dresser white
-paint the night stand teal
-replace the candle tree above the bed with the whale boat rudder (the candle tree will move to the hallway)

Here is a pic of the dresser screaming "I NEED PAINT"; I'm also considering painting the floor mirror as well (maybe teal like the nightstand).  We'll see what happens.   And I'm not super sold the placement of those sconces. 

But I think we can all agree that the Sputnik Chandelier steals the show. About a month ago I sold my dining room set on craigslist and added it with the money that I received from my parents for my birthday (thanks mom and dad!) and WAH-LAH, I splurged on this baby!  A guy on e-bay custom made it to my specifications!  How cool is that?  From a thrift store cheapo like me it is pretty fancy shmancy!  It's in a finish called satin brass which is a lot less abrasive than traditional brass.  I'm as thrilled as a squirrel in a nut factory! 

This is one of my favorites!  Sputnik in the mirror!

 Anyway, I have many more master bedroom reveals to come as I continue to tweak things, but I couldn't wait until it is all complete to show you my new sputnik chandelier.   I still feel that the room is lacking something, hopefully adding the teal accents and curtains will make things look more homey and feminine.

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