Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Shimtacular!! Pinterest Challenge take 2!

Okay, Okay.  I know the title is a little well...lame.  You will understand the title a little more once you see my Pinterest Challenge project:  The Second Edition.  (See the First Edition here.)  Well, actually my husband Matt and I worked on separate projects last week which ironically both were inspired by the incredible eye-candy that is Pinterest.  I will post his beautiful creation later.

So after seeing a lovely cedar shim mirror that was made by a wonderful blogger, found here I decided to make one too.  I know this is technically plagarism and I am only supposed to be inspired by Pinterest but I loved her mirror design so well, I thought, why mess with a good thing.  I knew that this mirror would look lovely in my home.  I did make one minor adjustment and add luminescent shell around my mirror.

Here's how I did it:

First I gathered my supplies.  Which included:

-18 packs of cedar shims from Home Depot
-two wooden wreath forms from Michaels:  one 12" and one 18"
-gorilla glue, hot glue, and wood glue used intermittently throughout
-one 12" mirror also from Michaels
-and 3 iradescent shell napkin holders found on clearance at West Elm

Here's a pic of the napkin rings that I scored for 2.40 each at West Elm.  This pic is from

First I decided my shim pattern, I decided to glue my shims side by side leaving a 3/4" space from the top of the first shim to the top of the next shim.  Then I made a "form" -- basically I lined up a stack of shims into the opposite of my design.  This is to keep my intervals between shims consistent, then all I have to do is stack my shims against the form and glue.  This was my husbands idea, and it made the project MUCH easier rather than having to measure each one before gluing.

 Here is a pic of my form:

I then lined and relined all of the shims up until it formed a circle.  I added a mirror and both wood wreath forms to the back.  This really made my mirror a lot more sturdy!  Lastly I added some embellishment around the mirror with the iradescent shell.  And was left with this:

I really am enjoying it hanging in my hallway.  I hope you like it too!

Also check out the Pinterest Challenge hosts blogs for a look at their awesome Pinterest-Inspired Creations :  here’s Katie’s, Ana’s, Erin’s, and Sherry's).

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  1. Nice job! I made a similar mirror from shims not too long ago and I love it! Great idea adding the napkin rings!