Sunday, January 29, 2012

Vignette Snapshots!

I thought I would take a few photos of some vignettes around my house in hopes of working on my photo taking/editing skills.  Here are some of my favorite ones that I took recently!  

Here are some photos from the past that I've also taken/edited and never shown you all!

So that's the entire post: Short, sweet, and to the point!  I hope you all are having a great weekend and I have some big news to share soon!  I'm not pregnant (sheesh, why is that always everyone's first inclination?) but a friend and I are starting a new "baby" of our own and it's coming in the form of an Etsy Shop!!  I'll be posting pics as soon as we launch; so stay tuned!

Sunday, January 15, 2012


I'm a little all over the place this weekend.  I keep jumping back and forth with finishing the tweaks in my living room (and by finishing I mean thinking about them intently without getting any real work done), and dreaming of designing my master bedroom!

You see, the master bedroom has been on my list to paint for a while now, and when I went to a local antique mall this weekend I happened upon this item.

It's a solid brass clam shell that measures around 12" x 12"!  First it told me that it was awesome and that it wanted to come home with me and be my jewelry box.  I agreed and off I went to the checkout.  It helped that it was 50% off and I nearly stole it for only $14.00!!

I know, I know.   This piece is not everyone's cup of tea, but I love it!  It sings to me...more specifically it inspired me to redo my whole master bedroom!   I envisioned this piece sitting atop my white dresser with a navy wall behind.  I LOVE IT!  I'm not exactly sure that the Mr. does yet so I have to pull back on my reigns a little bit.  I created this moodboard to give you an idea of what's in my head right now, and have also been crazy busy pinteresting other inspiring rooms!

Since I created this moodboard I have been rethinking the brass bed and think a sleek crisp white headboard might be just the ticket.  Maybe I can repaint this one and save some $.  We'll see if it all materializes.  I want to make sure that I'm making a good decision before acting on it. But for now I'm loving it and how it ties in with the beachy-ness of our house in a sophisticated (and nautical) way.

I will leave you with some of my inspiration photos via Pinterest!

T. Keller Donovan in Elle Decor

found here
via Pinterest

found here

found here

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Living Room Tweaks: Part 1

Over the upcoming weeks I will be posting several posts about my living room and little decorating tweaks that will change it's overall look without spending a lot of money.  I have a couple of projects up my sleeve and hope that they turn out well.

I realized that I never showed a completed "photo gallery" picture on the blog.  Here is how it looks to date:

frame composition
 I also did some tweaks to my mantle.  I want to take down the sconces on either side of the mirrors for a simplified look, but I have to spackle the wall underneath b/c originally the mantle was wired for sconces but the owners before us removed them when redoing the electrical leaving a less than smooth covering where the sconces once were:(!

Here's a close up!  Please ignore the reflection of the ceiling in the mirror, ugh popcorn!  I want it gone more than fat kids want cake, but we'll have to tackle it in the future.

I bought the mirror at Home Goods with a gift card from my sister's family (thanks Crystal, Justin, and McKenna) along with some other money I received as a Christmas Gift from my in-laws,  (thanks Frederick family!)

Any opinions on the chair in the corner?  It's kind of giving me this "I'm a time out chair" vibe but I love the chair and how it works with the rest of the furniture in the room, if only the room were a little bigger then I could bring in two with an end table in between.  

Here's a wide shot of the other side of the room.  But coming soon are more tweaks that I think will elevate the overall room.  One of which includes a new rug, but my dilemma is that my husband is allergic to wool, and all the rugs that I love are 100% wool.  Bummer, I know!

There ya have it.  The first post about some of the changes!  Have you made any small tweaks in your home?  Please feel free to link to pictures in the comments section!