Sunday, January 29, 2012

Vignette Snapshots!

I thought I would take a few photos of some vignettes around my house in hopes of working on my photo taking/editing skills.  Here are some of my favorite ones that I took recently!  

Here are some photos from the past that I've also taken/edited and never shown you all!

So that's the entire post: Short, sweet, and to the point!  I hope you all are having a great weekend and I have some big news to share soon!  I'm not pregnant (sheesh, why is that always everyone's first inclination?) but a friend and I are starting a new "baby" of our own and it's coming in the form of an Etsy Shop!!  I'll be posting pics as soon as we launch; so stay tuned!


  1. Yes! It's going to be a vintage clothing boutique! We're going to be launching really soon, I can't wait!

  2. awww... just what you have been wanting to do lately! and by the way the thanksgving centerpiece is awesome :)