Sunday, September 18, 2011

Pull up a Chair and stay awhile...

This story begins about a year ago when I purchased a chair at a yard sale (for 10 bucks)...yes I am a procrastinator...oh well the point is - it's done now.  
I took my time on this project which allowed me to find a fabric remnant at Joann Fabrics that I loved -for super cheap (I think around $4). The fabric was about $40 per yard (if I remember correctly) and I snagged just the amount I needed for about a 10th of the price.

I spray painted the chair early on but I just didn't work up the courage to tackle the cushion until my sister in law Sarah came to stay with us.  She helped with reupholstering!   

I can't find any before photos but the chair was pretty ugly.  Just take my word for it.  Here it is with a new coat of paint and a reupholstered seat.

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