Sunday, October 9, 2011

Burnt O! (O is for Out and Orange)

I went thrifting again today.  I can't help it, it's an addiction.  TSA(thrift-shoppers anonymous) anyone?  Not to be confused with those creepy people who pat you down at airports.  Anyway, moving on. 

I found yet another find that I wanted to share with you guys!!  So, way back in my early blogging days (like 2 months ago) I created a mood board for my dear sister Sarah that can be found here.  Do you see that lovely piece of velvet roundness in the upper right hand corner?  You do?  Do you love it?  Well I did too, but what I didn't love was the $34 price tag. 

Enter thrift store trip.  I found a similar vintage pillow at the thrift store today for...wait for it.....twwoooo.....dooolllarrss!  Okay, I needed to extend that unbelievable piece of info as long as I could to add drama and suspense!!  Did it work? 

Anyway, my pillow is a burnt orange color; just in time for fall!  And here are some pics!!

The actual color of the pillow is something in between both photos above.  But closer in color to the top photo; the bottom photo was taken with flash. 

And here are some pics of comparable pillows that I found on-line.  Including the one from urbanoutfitters for $34.     

Well I love to share a deal, as you know from my previous blog posts and I hope you all enjoyed.  I haven't been DIYing anything this weekend and have been feeling a little overwhelmed in that department.  It's great to have a thrift store item that I don't have to makeover and put a lot of work into.  I just gotta wash that puppy and set her in place. 

Disclaimer:  If you work for TSA or know someone who does I am deeply sorry for the remarks made earlier and would like to retract them.  Have a nice day!

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